Elephanta Caves Tour
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Elephanta Caves Tour

Visit the fascinating sculpture of Shiva in the caves. Reach the island in a relaxing boat ride in the picturesque BomBahai (Good Bay) with hills on one side & the Majestic Mumbai Skyline on the other side.


The Caves were designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987 as per the cultural criteria of UNESCO. The caves represent a masterpiece of human creative genius and bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared.



We Meet at:

Gate Way of India near Shivaji Maharaj Statue


Duration: 4-5 Hours


Time: 8.30am or 1.30PM



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1 pax: Rs 5000 per person

2 pax: Rs 4000 per person

3 pax: Rs 3500 per person

4 pax: Rs 3000 per person

Car Cost:

Rs 3000/-


Inclusions: Personalised tour, Govt  guide, representative, ticket for the back and forth ferry rides, entry ticket to elephant, water, toll, parking.


We can also pick you up from your hotel or residence at an additional cost of Rs. 3000 INR. For upto 4 people.


1. We will be using a Boat/ferry from Gateway of India to Elephanta Island which is a 30 minute ride which in itself is half a fun.

2. Elephanta Caves are on a hill. The climb to caves involves around 100 steps.

3. Please wear covered shoes and ladies dress Modestly.