Mumbai Mythology Tour
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Mumbai Mythology Tour

Indian Mythology is one of the richest elements of Indian Culture.  Temples and Shrines enrich it further and make it a unique one in the world.

Indian temples have marvelous architecture, ambience & serenity which make religious destinations the biggest tourist attractions in India.

This tour features some of the best diverse religious places to visit in Mumbai which attract millions of devotees & tourists every day. If you are in search of unique religious tour to delve into Indian mythology this is the perfect tour for you.


Time: Any time between 9am to 4pm


Duration: 4-5 hours (including travelling)



1 pax: Rs 8000 per person

2 pax: Rs 4000 per person

3 pax: Rs 3000 per person

4 pax: Rs 2500 per person


Inclusions: Air conditioned car with Chauffeur, Local Student Guide, Personalized tour, Water, toll, parking & Tax

Tour Notes:

1. We request ladies to dress modestly

2. Remove footwear before entering religious place/ pilgrim

3. Cover your head with scarf or cap before entering religious place/ pilgrim