Why Us?

  • We are Young Funloving Local Students.
  • We provide insight, companionship, security and the most realistic experience
  • By taking our tour you Support Students of Mumbai

About Us

Familiar to most by its name, we Being The Local‘s, call Dharavi as "The Motherland of opportunity".

Opportunities galore for one who is willing to work hard and innovate and thrive!

We realized that the attraction to visit a slum has increased due to

  • Media glorification of the movie Slumdog Millionaire
  • Projects given to students of architecture college for redevelopment of Dharavi and also
  • Good examples of small entrepreneurs that attract students from business schools.

We, therefore take this as a golden opportunity, to offer our services for tourists from all over the globe to come and experience our local neighbourhood DHARAVI & MUMBAI.

We have been Born & Brought-up in Aamchee ('OUR') Mumbai and hence know it like the back of our hand! So we boldly venture down its small lanes to Explore stuff that otherwise just goes UNdiscovered. You will be in for many of surprises - plenty of amazing stuff, people and variety of activities!

We, at Be The Local, work to support local full time students in pursuing higher education as well. We achieve this by simply offering them employment in our company and training them to be our 'Tour Guides'. This gives the students two very distinct benefits. One is that they are able to receive sustainable income to support them in education and second is that it boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence, as they meet widely travelled and experienced tourists.

Being The Local’s, we can offer you a fascinating 'getaway' that gives you a ringside view of the 'Madness and Magic' of MUMBAI.